European Migration                                                                       Project Information





Communique of the Preparatory Conference of the Project 'European Migration, Minorities and Prejudices - European Virtual School' (Socrates Comenius Action 1)



Herford, Wilhelm-Normann-Berufskolleg

20-24 February 1999




Hopwood Hall College, Rochdale/UK: Allan Lawrence, Ian Wilkinson

Rochdale Museum Service, Rochdale/UK: Deborah Walker

Zespol Szkol Mechanicznych, Pabianice/Poland: Joanna Klodas, Magdalena Marczuk

Antirasistisk Senter, Oslo/Norway: Mari Linloekken (20-23 February 1999)

Kommunalarchiv, Herford/Germany: Birgit Rausch, Christoph Laue, Wolfgang Silger

Wilhelm-Normann-Berufskolleg, Herford/ Germany: Hagen Aufderheide, Heinrich Pingel-Rollmann, Classe AHR 98 (15 pupils )



Universität Bielefeld, Fachbereich Pädagogik, Bielefeld/Germany: Stephanie Gartemann

Bezirksregierung , Detmold/Germany: Kurt Bohlmann

Ausländerbeirat, Herford/Germany: Ali Isik, Helga Kohne,

Anti-Diskriminierungsbüro Herford, Herford/Germany: Halit Ünal



Education Estab. PLATON, Katerini/ Greece

Ellinogermaniki Agogi, Chalandri, Athens/ Greece



1.      The conference took place according to the attached agenda.


2.      The participants discussed objectives and goals of the project, e.g. the creation of more tolerance especially among young people in Europe and better knowledge of migration and minorities within the participating as well as in other European countries.


3.      The participants agreed on setting up a virtual school on the Internet by giving students a chance to communicate with students from other countries, as well as to store information material on Migration and Minorities. The participants decide independantly on the specific topics relevant to the overall project theme.


4.      The participants are aware that students should be included in the project development from the beginning. Furthermore, there is a need for including local community groups representing ethnic minorities, and local museums and archives.


5.      The participants agreed to apply for the Socrates ODL programme at a later stage of the project.


6.      The participants are aware that there has to be an initial phase of staff development  followed by student development on web publishing and the creation of hypertext structures.



7.      There was agreement to involve additional partner schools and colleges.


8.      The partners agreed on having an initial conference combined with a technical workshop in Rochdale, UK in February 2000. The final conference in the first year will take place in Herford in June 2000. In addition, there is a need for mutual working visits between individual partners.


9.      The Antirasistisk Senter, Oslo will discuss the possibility of taking part in this Comenius Action 1 within its own organisation and the National Socrates Agency.





Allan Lawrence, Hopwood Hall College, Rochdale


Joanna Klodas, Zespol Szkol Mechanicznych, Pabianice/Poland


Heinrich Pingel-Rollmann,Wilhelm-Normann-Berufskolleg, Herford/ Germany:





Herford, Germany, 24th February 1999