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Communique of the Conference of the Project 'European Migration, Minorities and Prejudices -
(Socrates Comenius, Action 1)


Place: Herford, Wilhelm-Normann-Berufskolleg, Herford / Germany
Time:   24 – 29 June, 2000

Hopwood Hall College, Rochdale/UK:  Yvonne Buckley, Nigel Peet, Christine Beggs, Kristel Karra, Ken Doodson, Zaheer Munir, Sakib Bashir, Abdul Rahman
Zespol Szkol Mechanicznych, Pabianice/Poland: Joanna Klodas, Magdalena Marczuk, Edyta Knop, Andrzej Mielczarek
Kommunalarchiv, Herford/Germany: Birgit Rausch, Christoph Laue, Wolfgang Silger
Wilhelm-Normann-Berufskolleg, Herford/ Germany: Hagen Aufderheide, Heinrich Pingel-Rollmann, Bernd Koch, Angela Menke, Sarah Adam, Jessica Hein
Bezirksregierung , Detmold/Germany: Kurt Bohlmann

Education Estab. PLATON, Katerini/ Greece
I.E.S. San Josť, Badajoz / Spain
Masarykovo Gymnazium, Plzen / Czech Republic

 1. The conference took place according to the attached agenda.

2. The participants presented their results so far, and the co-ordinator gave an interim report on the complete project (Socrates application for 2000/2001).

3. Working groups concentrated on connecting the partners‘ results so far on a CD-ROM, establishing links between partners‘ pages  as well as creating an additional webpage for the contents (site map). Students suggested to create a chat room for allowing a discussion among them. Furthermore, a sub-group investigated the vision and structure of the overall project.

4. The participants agreed on suggesting the partners who have not been able to attend the conference to discuss a new design of the project’s homepage ( There are three potential alternatives:
a) „Blue background, umbrella
b) „European Map“
c) Existing Homepage.
The participants should discuss this question within their groups and include their students‘ opinions.
The co-ordianator will inform the partners on the different alternatives.

5. The participants agreed on having one big conference next year and on trying to include pupils and students as long as it is possible to find additional funding. The Rochdale colleagues offered the possiblity to host the next conference, but no final decision was made. In addition, partners could visit each other in case there is sufficient funding available and topics of comment interest to be discussed.

6. The co-ordianator will inform the partners on the conference’s results.

Yvonne Buckley, Hopwood Hall College, Rochdale
Joanna Klodas, Zespol Szkol Mechanicznych, Pabianice/Poland
Heinrich Pingel-Rollmann,Wilhelm-Normann-Berufskolleg, Herford/ Germany:

 Herford, Germany, 28th June, 2000