European Migration                           Project Information

Communiqué of the Project Meeting Socrates, Action 1
"European Migration, Minorities and Prejudices"

Pabianice, Zespol Szkol Mechanicznych
23 - 28 October, 1999


Zespol Szkol Mechanicznych:
Joanna Klodas, Edyta Knop, Magdalena Marczuk, Andrzej Mielczarek, Piotr Widz
Hagen Aufderheide, Andrea de Groot, Annegret Deimel, Walter Nesenhöner, Dr. Heinrich Pingel-Rollmann


The conference participants agreed on the following agenda:

1. Project aims and goals
2. Internet structure
3. Content
4. Project Management
5.Technical Aspects

1.Project aims and goals:

Teaching students how to use the means of new technolgy, e.g. internet

The school has got the obligation to provide all students the access to the information technolgies not depending on their economical background

Students shound get to know the culture, customs, history of other nations and ethnic groups

Teaching history by using modern technologies: Internet, virtual reality which could attract students

The need to present the history to  young people

Presenting the reasons for migration from country to country

Minimizing prejudices and teaching tolerance among the youh

Minimizing prejudices in our own and in our project partners' societies

Dissemination of the project results outside school by using the internet /CD-ROM

Creating a peacefull European house

Getting to know the own history culture and so on
Students as well as teachers should be able to use the new Information and Communication

Virtual Meeting as preparation of real meetings "face to face".

Developing/Creating more tolerance by knowing about and understanding the culture and roots of other people

Reduction of ethnical, political and social tensions within and among european societies and countries

2. Internet Structure:

Languages: National Language - later an English translation

Homepage: Common HP because we work together

Content: each school decide itself on the topics

Structure Alternatives

1. Regional        2. Content

Katerini Spain      Migration

Pabian ice                  Rochdale      HF Minorities

      Herford     Athens     Prejudices

    Intoduction        Introduction

The partners agreed on choosing the 2nd alternative by taking the content as basis for the structure:

- Migration    - Emmigration:
- Pabianice
- HF
- Rochdale
- etc.
- Immigration
- Common Projects

-  Minorities
- Prejudices

3. Content

There will be the three topics mentioned above. Each partner is working independently and chooses its own topics. Partners could work together on common projects, eg. migration from Greece to Germany.
  -   Pabianice
  -   Herford
- Rochdale
- .......
- Common Prejudices

Minorities: -    PAB
- HF
- Roch
- ........
- Common Projects

Prejudices:  see above

4. Project Management

The partners agreed on the following aspects.


-Each Partner has got his own web-adress

-copy to the co-ordinator (Herford) will be sent

- Co-ordinator is responsible for  European Project Homepage


Till the end of the project year each partner will produce an own CD-ROM (copy
of internet pages)

-Common Project CD-ROM produced by the co-ordinator


-Search Machines

 -Teacher Information
 -Teacher Training

-Local/Regional Presentation


 -Rochedale 2/2000
 -Herford     6/2000

-Results/ Web-Pages
 -Rochedale 2/2000
             First results/examples

- 1st draft: 1/12/99
- submission: 15/01/2000
- co-ordinator: Rochdale

The Pabianice team discussed the problem  of financing the internet access:

- 1. Herford could provide internet web space:
1. Internet costs are paid by Comenius
2. Polish Internet provider provides Internet web space

5. Technical Aspects

Possible programming languages: Javascript, Java, HTML

Composing web pages by using either Netscape Composer or Frontpage.

The following types of files should be used: .jpg; .gif; .wav; .avi;.htm. File names will be written in small letters.

Concerning the common projects of two partners there will be a technical agreement of the partners before they start producing web pages.

Hardware that is necessary: Pentium Processor, Modem, Scanner.

Exchange of files either by e-mail or disks.

The co-ordinator will provide the Polish partner with 20 Megabytes.

Preliminary project adresses:

Project Homepage (Co-ordinator):
Pabianice Homepage (provided by the Co-ordinator):
Internal information for project partners:

Joanna Klodas, Zespol Szkol Mechanicznych

Dr. Heinrich Pingel-Rollmann, Wilhelm-Normann-Berufskolleg

Pabianice, 27 October, 1999