European Migration

International Day of Tolerance


At the initiative of UNESCO, 1995 was declared the United Nations Year for Tolerance, and it saw the launching of a world-wide campaign for tolerance and non-violence. The International Day for Tolerance grew out of the momentum of that Year. Building tolerance and trust in diverse communities is not done overnight, but takes time and commitment. 

Building tolerance requires access to education. Intolerance is often rooted in ignorance and fear: fear of the unknown, of the "other", other cultures, religions and nations. Intolerance is also closely linked to an exaggerated sense of self-worth and pride: notions taught and learned at an early age. Therefore in coming years, we need to place greater emphasis on educating children about tolerance, human rights and fundamental freedoms.

The EMMP Project takes part in the International Day of Tolerance 2001 in order to stimulate tolerance among pupils, students and teachers in Europe. 


1.International Day of Tolerance - Chat Room

2. International Day of Tolerance Event - WNB Herford / DE

Organized by several students, the student council and the EMMP team there will be a performance by a hiphop group (Kreativer Ursprung, Bottrop) as well as videos, discussions, and poetry on minorities, prejudices and tolerance. 
Newspaper article
Canan's poem 

3. Photography Competition - HHC Rochdale / UK

21st March 2001 is International Day of Tolerance. To celebrate this event, photography students from Hopwood Hall College will take part in a photographic competition. The photographs will be judged by the project partners with a prize going to the photograph which best provokes the imaginary of 'tolerance' .

4. Activities -Z.S.M Pabianice / Pl

As far as the International Day of Tolerance is concerned, the Pabianice group together with their students are going to take part in it according to the following agenda:
At school – we have prepared a contest for the best essay on tolerance.
In Lodz  - the students will watch a video film about the getto in Lodz.
In Lodz – the students are going to take part in the activity of painting the walls that have anti-semitic slogans. They will visit churches in Lodz and talk to their representatives (Synagogue, Protestant)
After all the activities will be finished there will be a discussion about how the people perceive and understand minorities, religious or ethnical; and about studensts` feelings on the topic.

5. Activities - I.E.S. San Jose, Badajoz / ES

- Video and documentaries
- Posters with the word „TOLERANCE“ in many languages (European Year of Languages)
- Slogans and logotypes
- PASSAGE OF TOLERANCE: Migration and minorities on the media
- Posters on 14th article of the Spanish  Constitution on causes fo discrimination
- Tranlsation contest on Spanish songs about the topic
- Writing contest „Write a letter to your family from a country where you had to emigrate to, telling how you feel and describing the problems you are confrontated with“ (The most impressive sentences will be displayed)
- Lecture-debate on „ The Law for Foreigners and the Immigrants` Problems“
- Workshop on tolerance
- Research on the attitudes of the Spanish towards immigration
- Display of the project`s web-site
- Chat with our partners 
- Tolerance Rap (written and sung by students)
- MANIFESTO of the school against Intolerance and Racism (it will be read in every classroom at 13:00 on 21st March)

Have a tolerant day. 

29 March, 2001